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Mobile Tech for Health Enhancement

Written by Pierre - Tech at Zenytime

Mobile Tech for Health Enhancement

Everyday stressors surround us: communication with coworkers, your significant other, your children, workload and deadlines, no time for yourself, stuck in commute, running late, anxiety about money, health issues… the impact of toxic stress is really high on our health.

The scientific consensus is clear, and every one of us is now beginning to catch on: our lifestyle is the culprit.

At Zenytime, we believe the solution is healthier tech.

Technology has made us communicate faster, learn quicker, it enables easy ways for everything, it saves time… Granted, there are downsides to our technological culture, but every day tech can be awesome.

Pervasive mobile technology is a logical way to engage people to get and stay healthy. It also enables new connections between people, communities, employers, payers, government and the healthcare sector. Last, mobile tech is remarkably suited to bring and update the latest in science into mainstream.

Our stressful lifestyles can be significantly enhanced through a healthier relationship with technology. 

Smartphones are an incredibly powerful tool to keep stress toxicity under control, when and where it matters. 

Zenytime is stress science in your pocket.

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